A novel for adult-like children and childlike adults.



Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Thursby, and I have been asked to speak to you about the importance of imagination in human affairs. As you may have guessed, imagination is a subject with which I am personally familiar.
Thursby, a nattily dressed, five-inch-tall figment of the imagination

The Cozies Cast of Characters

Nursery figments, or “Cozies,” are nudged into the physical world when moonlight enters a home and touches a child’s dreams.
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Thursby: Although only five inches tall, Thursby is elegantly dressed, with the head of a black lop-eared rabbit. “An English lop rabbit, as you may have deduced from my accent.” Thursby riles at the suggestion that, as an imaginary being with rabbity features, he is something of a cliché. “Lagomorph popularity stems from the natural adorableness of the species. Therefore I ask you, please, don’t hate us because we’re beautiful.”

Musetta: Kohl-eyed, with an aquiline nose, Musetta radiates mystery, elegance, and charm—at least, according to Thursby, who might have a little crush on her. Her elegance does not hinder her, though. When needed, with a saber in scabbard dangling at her side, she literally (yes, literally) battles the elements to save the day.

Gubbins: The enigmatic Gubbins speaks mainly in clicking and whirring sounds. He resembles what might happen if two pocket watches collided and the bits and pieces came down in the shape of a little person—gears, sprockets, springs, and so forth.

The Twins, Ruby and Gracie: Round-faced, thumb-sized girls with pretty but ineffectual little wings, each twin is a mirror image of the other, right down to the pink tutus and white-blond curls. Using first initials as reminders, it was decided long ago that whichever twin was on the right would be Ruby, with Gracie on the left (the “G” from à gauche, in French).

Rumple: Though nearly as big as the rest of the Cozies put together, Rumple was something of a nursery-figment preemie. Round and softish and, to put it bluntly, sort of half-formed, “Rumple does not speak. Nor are we certain that he actually thinks. But he does feel, bless him, and that’s what counts most.”
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