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Setting & Time

A rural county in the USA at two locations, post-World War II but before the digital age. The primary setting throughout is a spot known to locals as “the Hollow.” The Hollow is a clearing in a wooded area, defined by gnarled, spooky trees and some “stone ruins” that include the remains of a fireplace and chimney left from an unfinished, decayed, or burned-down house.

Rosalind carries a large book, for which there is a makeshift lectern of some kind; it might be something set up by the witches, or it might be formed by a chance configuration of the ruins or a tree. Seating of some type is available near the campfire, either as part of the ruins (like remnants of a wall), cross-sections of logs like at a campsite, discarded chairs, etc.

The second location is at a fresh gravesite at the local graveyard.


Leader of the three little witches and clearly the one who knows what she's doing in that regard. She carries a large book of spells with her.

One of the three little witches. Dirk's kid sister. Feels like the invisible child, being the "surprise" after a line of football-hero older brothers.

One of the three little witches. Romantic and boy-crazy. Probably too sweet to have any real future as a witch.

A cat who hangs out with Rosie. The cat may walk upright, as the usual distinctions between people, animals, personifications of nature, and imaginary beings do not apply here.

The moon personified.

A jack o'lantern personified.

A demon who is raised up from the underworld by the three little witches. Might literally look like a demon with horns and tail, or he might be a slick used-car-salesman type wearing a sports coat and a tacky tie.

Star athlete and all-around hunk with good hair. Norma's older brother.

Dirk's pretty but arrogant girlfriend.

Good-looking boy who was the same age as the three little witches. Joan's first crush, but Rosalind's first kiss. Disappeared the preceding summer, and is thought to have drowned in the swimming hole.
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