Three little witches, dancing with a cat, hissing and clawing, screeching like a bat! (the Moon joins the dancing) Three little witches, dancing with the Moon, glowing like a ghost by the old stone ruin! (Pumpkinhead Jack joins in the dancing. The tempo increases with each stanza) Three little witches, joined by Jack! The fire in his eyes goes pop and crack!
The three witches, dancing in the Hollow with Cat, the Moon, and Pumpkinhead Jack

A Play for Children and Adults

Three little witches—Rosalind, Norma, and Joan—are friends who meet regularly at “the Hollow.” Rosalind, or “Rosie,” is the only true witch so far, but she’s teaching Norma and Joan. To stir up the magic in the forest, they start their lessons by dancing wildly with Cat, the Moon, and Pumpkinhead Jack.

Norma’s big brother, Dirk, and his girlfriend Paulette, high-school seniors who are expected to be named Homecoming King and Queen, interrupt the coven-in-miniature while looking for a place to make out. When Paulette insults them and Dirk does nothing to intervene, the girls decide to take revenge. Unfortunately, what is meant to be a simple incantation to make Dirk’s truck run out of gasoline—spoiling Homecoming ceremonies by making them late—goes terribly wrong. The spell affects the gasoline all right, but it also results in terrible accident.

The girls try to correct their mistake by raising a demon up to bring Dirk back from the dead. The demon emerges from a sulfurous cloud.
Gaze in amazement, thou petty humans, fodder for worms, thou rump-fed ronyons! For I am Eugene, demon of fire and brimstone!
Eugene, demon of fire and brimstone
As demons go, Eugene is something of a disappointment. “Huh,” deadpans Norma. “Somehow I thought he’d be taller.” Eugene is able to bring Dirk back from beyond the grave, but not exactly in the way hoped. Things spin out of control, with a slightly scorched Paulette (wearing the Homecoming Queen tiara she’s stolen during the ceremony on the football field) wandering the forest like a loopy wraith and the reanimated Dirk causing a panic wherever he goes. In the witches’ ongoing attempts to make things right, Rosie resurrects a boy whom she once liked, but had then turned into a crawdad when she got mad at him.
First, Tommy and Rosie sort out a little problem with a remnant crawdad tail; then they talk through their past differences and become friends again. Now it’s time to get back to business. Rosie’s already learning—hopefully not at the expense of her friendships—that a person can face her mistakes and move on.

So with mayhem in the streets and in the woods, dark magic going haywire, and the three little witches trying to figure out where they stand with each other, Rosie comes up with one more plan.
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