SETTING for Kisses for Hildy
Most of the action takes place in the present in a penthouse living room. The penthouse is on the top floor of a renovated apartment building, the Arcadia, in a large American city. The interior decoration is primarily upscale 1920s, but the space also holds pre-1920s, museum-quality antiques and objets d’art. These items include a painting of a handsome couple in late-Victorian dress, a jewel box, and a set of samurai swords. A terrace and its view of the city skyline are visible at the back of the penthouse.

There are four exits from the penthouse living room:
1. a visible exterior hallway leading to the front door of the penthouse;
2. French- or sliding-doors that open onto the terrace;
3. an exit from the penthouse living room leading to an unseen interior hallway; and
4. a “gated doorway” to the unseen master bedroom. The gated doorway is literally an iron gate, of floor-to-lintel height, standing in front of a regular door, curtain, or hallway that leads into the unseen master bedroom.

One scene, also present day, takes place at and around a desk in a law firm office. Items decorating the desk or surroundings tend toward dark fantasy or angst. These could include, for example, an anatomical model of a skinless human head (like the old “Visible Head” model).

Brief “flashback” scenes can be created through lighting alone, as they are only memories.
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